Publication terms for scientific articles

To publish an article in the electronic scientific journal it is necessary to send via e-mail to the Editorial Board the following materials:

1. Information about the author (link).

2. An article drawn up in accordance with the specified requirements should be sent in electronic format to Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.

The articles are checked for plagiarism using the software developed by the Polish company

The article should also be added:

- to prepare author’s abstract of the article in English for posting on a website of the journal according to instructions (the author’s abstract should include: surname and initials of the author, rank or position, place of work or study, the article’s title, summary of the article of at least 300-350 words). The English translation must be authentic (not machine). If there is a problem with the translation, the Editorial Board can help in its resolution;

- for persons without a scientific degree – they should additionally send a scanned review of a scientific supervisor or of a person with a scientific degree (the signature of the reviewer must be certified in the personnel department of the establishment or with a stamp of faculty (institute)).

After confirmation from the Editorial Board on the article’s acceptance for publication, payment details of the publication fee are provided.

-to send a scanned receipt of payment for publishing a scientific article. The cost of publication is 700 hryvnias (up to 15 pages inclusive). The publication fee covers the costs associated with editing articles, making-up of the journal, as well as the postal mailing of the reference on the article’s publication.

The Editorial Board, within two weeks after the approval of the article, sends the author a certificate of the approved form for the adoption of the article for publication in the journal, signed by the Editor-in-Chief, stamped.

Published for free:

- reviews on monographs, textbooks, manuals;

- announcements of scientific events;

- articles by foreign authors.